What People Are Saying


With simple text to understand and creative imagination, Inner World Discovery brings the inner world of the human body to life in an interesting and exciting manner. It is, additionally, a contemporary science and health education experience.

Samuel W Monismith, D.Ed.

Associate Professor, Health Education
Penn State University

Thank you so much for the fascinating lecture on the Immune System/HIV on November 15, 2007 at St. Joseph Hospital. Your enthusiasm and excitement about teaching is to be commended. Having taught at the high school level for five years, I know what it takes to keep people interested and stimulated. You’ve got it. Your command of the theory, data, plus some pretty incredibly animation made for a show-stopping performance.

When you gave the lecture the first time at St. Joseph in early a.m. and the laboratory staff could not attend, I was disappointed but didn’t think anymore about it. When I heard all the positive feedback from the people who were there I wanted to see if you could give the lecture again. I knew that we would be having clinical laboratory scientist students (in their Senior Year) getting a tour before starting a rotation here and I thought what a great opportunity for them to take in your lecture. I was delighted that you made yourself available. I was even more delighted with their feedback. The students were blown away and the members of my clinical laboratory staff attended were very impressed. Your ability to take a very complex theory and simplify it, in order to aid in our understanding, is a true measure of your expertise on the subject matter.

I really think you have a gift and you should make yourself available to more educational institutions for your wonderful teaching. The world of healthcare is so hectic and education seems to be taking a backseat. Education needs to be in the forefront of all we do and you have the passion to help get to help get education back where it belongs.

Marilyn Kenyon, M.T. (A.S.C.P.)

Clinical Laboratory Supervisor
St. Joseph Hospital
Bangor, Maine

Dr. Silverstein presented a complex issue, HIV and the Immune System, in an understandable and engaging manner. He’s able to keep a varied audience of medical professionals and non-medical staff interested with the right amount of detail without overwhelming or repeating information. His use of different delivery method and mediums create a presentation that keeps participants interested and facilitates retention of the information. This presentation needs to be seen by the young adults of our communities. This talk has inspired me to seek out additional resources to use the information to go out into my community to educate our population at risk.

Paula Theriault, RN MBA

Director of Education
St. Joseph Hospital

Dr. Silverstein was able to take very difficult material and presented in a manner that enabled my students to both understand the information and apply that knowledge to their classroom instruction. His presentation was thorough and perfectly suited to his audience.

Lorraine B. Stagg

High School Teacher

The CD ROM presentation was clever, interactive, and the question and answer period afterwords was extremely engaging. When speakers of credibility come in with imaginative, innovative, and fun ways of learning, the time spent is multiplied.

Linda B. Wood

Teacher, Health/Science

Using animation and a touch of comedy in his lecture, Dr. Silverstein helped make the basic principles of immunology interesting and enjoyable for science and non-science majors alike. Finally, a topic once dreaded by students was beginning to make sense and learning about it was actually fun and enjoyable.

Jyoti Bhogal

Alumna, Albright College

I thought your HIV presentation was amazing. It was both entertaining and informative. Your style is refreshing and your desire to educate the public is infectious. After PA school I would love to take your work into whatever community I am Deppen. The information is presented in such a way that it applies to anyone from high school age to medical professionals. It was really great! You are wonderful educator. I just wanted to say thanks again.

Bre Behlen

Physicians Assistant student
Bangor, Maine