Inner World Discovery: The Immune System Video

This computer animated story takes students into the inner world of the human body, in the midst of a battle. Students learn by visual metaphors within an animated battle field about the greatest defense system imaginable, the body’s immune system.

In this presentation the student observes the hepatitis A virus as a it attacks the liver of a human being, and simultaneously views the way the body’s immune system responds to this attack. The student leaves informed about the characters, cells and communication devices contained within this system.

Communication, efficiency, coordination and caution are demonstrated and victory is achieved. This 12 minute video is an excellent introduction to immunology for middle school students, taking away the fear of the topic and replacing it
with a sense of awe, wonder and amazement.

This video along with other engaging graphics is part of a program hosted by an emergency department physician, Dr. Phillip Silverstein.

Presentations are hosted at the University of Pennsylvania through real time video conferencing and broadcast on a fiber-optic network known as the Magpi program, a division of the university. In this capacity Dr. Silverstein’s presentations reach multiple high school classrooms simultaneously across state lines.

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