The Immune System Guide Book

Inner World Discovery: The Immune System Guide Book

This guidebook takes students into the midst of a battle, as the hepatitis A virus is seen attacking the liver of a human being. Several battlefield assets are introduced such as general T4 (T-4 helper cell),Tox tanks (Cytotoxic T cells), and Captain Mac (macrophage), a female helicopter pilot.

Communication, efficiency, coordination, and caution are demonstrated as a victory over the invading hepatitis A virus is achieved.

Sufficient knowledge is gained and the student is ready to learn about the quintessential example of an attack on the immune system at its core, by HIV.

The middle section of this accompanying e-book is an excellent primer on HIV with very engaging and understandable graphics.It explains how HIV attacks, why it is so successful, and why people like Bill Gates considers HIV a modern-day plague.

The end of this guidebook contains a beautifully illustrated discussion of the essentials of the body’s immune system, recommended for high school students, AP biology students, and for those students interested in either pre-nursing or pre-medical training.

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