DNA: The Dance of Life Video

This 12 minute video is a great starting point for the science of DNA.

Using a dance metaphor to teach complex science (thanks to UC Berkeley Dance Department), the video can be divided into several parts:

  • Part I: The Structure of DNA.
  • Part 2: Transcription: The role of DNA in messenger RNA production.
  • Part 3: Translation: The relationship between messenger RNA and triplets of transfer RNA as they interreact with one another to produce a protein.

This program, hosted by an emergency department physician, makes the complexities of human biology engaging and understandable. Presentations are hosted at the University of Pennsylvania through real time video conferencing and broadcast on a fiber-optic network known as the Magpi program, a division of the University of Pennsylvania. This program reaches multiple high school classrooms simultaneously across state lines.

Adenine and Thymine dancers
Molecular structure of Adenine and Thymine
Guanine and Cytosine dancers
Molecular Structure of Guanine and Cytosine

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