Inner World Discovery Receives Funding from Beckman Coulter Foundation

Glen Mills, Pa., (June 18, 2009) – – Inner World Discovery has received a grant from the Beckman Coulter Foundation for its 2009 fiscal year. This new grant will be used to develop science curriculum for high school students focusing on Inner World Discovery’s latest program: DNA. The program will focus on the story of DNA being told from the perspective of dancing pairs on spiral staircases. (See graphic)

Inner World Discovery was created by Philip Silverstein M.D., president of the Silverstein Foundation. Since 2005, Dr. Silverstein has educated thousands of students and health care professionals through Inner World Discovery’s first presentation: The Immune System/HIV.

“This new program will show how DNA does much more than just ensure our heritage,” said Silverstein who is also an emergency physician for California-based Sutter Emergency Medical Group. “One cell under the guidance of DNA will produce 2,000 proteins per second. In one day, that amounts to 180 million proteins. That’s just amazing productivity and something any fortune 500 company would envy!”

Animators will be working with Silverstein on the story board throughout the summer, with the initial program slated to be broadcastin 2010 through the MAGPI program at the University of Pennsylvania.

The Beckman Coulter Foundation serves as the philanthropic arm of Beckman Coulter, Inc. Beckman Coulter, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of biomedical testing instrument systems, tests and supplies that simplify and automate laboratory processes to enhance health care around the world. The Beckman Coulter Foundation funds programs which are centered around science, science education and healthcare related research. The Beckman Coulter Foundation’s vision is to stimulate interest in the sciences to students of all ages.

The Inner World Discovery presentations are presented in person and through real-time interactive videoconferencing made possible through MAGPI, a division of Information Systems and Computing at The University of Pennsylvania.

Information about Inner World Discovery, presentation opportunities, and education materials can be found on Inner World Discovery’s website:

Silverstein can be reached at: or by phone at 610-331-7963.

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