DNA: The Dance of Life Video

This 12 minute video is a great starting point for the science of DNA. Using a dance metaphor to teach complex science (thanks to UC Berkeley Dance Department), the video can be divided into several parts: Part I: The Structure of DNA. Part 2: Transcription: The role of DNA in messenger RNA production. Part 3: Translation: The relationship between messenger RNA and triplets of transfer RNA as they …

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Inner World Discovery: The Immune System Video

The Immune System

This computer animated story takes students into the inner world of the human body, in the midst of a battle. Students learn by visual metaphors within an animated battle field about the greatest defense system imaginable, the body’s immune system. In this presentation the student observes the hepatitis A virus as a it attacks the liver of a human being, and simultaneously views the way the body’s …

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Inner World Discovery: The Immune System Guide Book

The Immune System Guide Book

This guidebook takes students into the midst of a battle, as the hepatitis A virus is seen attacking the liver of a human being. Several battlefield assets are introduced such as general T4 (T-4 helper cell),Tox tanks (Cytotoxic T cells), and Captain Mac (macrophage), a female helicopter pilot. Communication, efficiency, coordination, and caution are demonstrated as a victory over the invading hep …

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Inner World Discovery: The Immune System Comic Book

Inner World Discoverey" The Immune System Comic Book

The immune system tells the story of the most amazing defense system imaginable, the human body, with many battlefield assets that defend the body against the invading Hepatitis A virus. In the process the viewer learns that the immune system shows incredible: Coordination Communication Caution Once an individual understands the body’s defense system, it is easy to understand that same defense sys …

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