Dr. Phillip Silverstein is a full-time emergency department physician and a partner of California Emergency Physicians.

As host of Inner World Discovery, Dr. Silverstein presently teaches through the University of Pennsylvania’s Magpi program, www.magpi.net, a real-time video conferencing network that is accessible to high school and nursing school classrooms across the nation.

As an ER doctor totally in awe of the amazing intricacies and design of the human body, I strongly believe that the teaching of human biology deserves to be taught with as many creative approaches as possible. Inner World Discovery was launched in 2005 by myself and co-creator Judy Silverstein with that goal in mind.

Through the use of creative metaphors, story-telling and animation, Inner World Discovery attempts to make the complexities of the human body visually accessible and engaging to our audience, which today has included such diverse groups as high school students, nursing students, clinical lab personnel, doctors, nurses, and lay public.

He lives with his wife Judy (co-creator of Inner World Discovery) in beautiful Monterey, California.