DNA: The Dance of Life

The human body is home to some one hundred trillion cells. The amount of activity in just ONE cell is beyond anything we can possibly imagine. This video employs the metaphor of a dance studio to explain how DNA accomplishes its miraculous work.

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Educating and Exciting Teachers and Students About the Amazing Intricacies of the Human Body


As an emergency department physician, I have spent the better part of twenty-five years studying the intricacies and complexities of the human body and after all this time I can honestly say that I’m still both fascinated and awed by it. Inner World Discovery is a unique series that uses visual metaphors and animations to deconstruct the complexities of the …

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The excitement is growing this summer at UC Berkeley where The Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies is once again exploring an unconventional use of dance. Berkeley dancers Lauren Crow, Erik Lee, Caroline Alexander, Daniel Nguyen and academic advisor Michael Mansfield are in collaboration with Phillip Silverstein M.D…

Dance of Life

This 12 minute video is a great starting point for the science of DNA. Using a dance metaphor to teach complex science ( thanks to the UC Berkeley dance department ) it can be divided into several parts Part I: Structure of DNA. Part 2: Transcription -role of DNA in messenger RNA production Part 3: Translation. relationship between messenger …